Triathlon Family USA, Inc. believes those who share the multi-sport lifestyle and Olympic values are bound together in a global family. We believe strongly in contributing to sport development. We are committed to voluntary service to sport. We also believe in protecting and enhancing the physical environment and resources where we train and race and live. Learn more about Olympism at 

WE REMEMBER: Hannah Clarkson, a Long Branch schoolmate, Rocky Belk, beloved Long Branch P.E. teacher & triathlon club adviser, Ms MaryAnn Hazel Jackson, and Anne Trainor Viviani, world champion triathlete and wonderful Arlingtonian, for whom The Arlington Triathlon is dedicated. 

Mission, Vision, Values

If you're as passionate about bringing triathlon to young people as we are, then we want you on our team. Find out about volunteer opportunities in coaching, event management, and more! 

In 2005, Melissa Merson, our founder, launched one of the first school-based youth triathlon programs in the country, encouraging positive lifestyle choices by starting schools days with a healthy dose of multi-sport.

Our Story

Triathlon Family USA, Inc. was created to provide opportunities for people of all ages to participate in swim-bike-run events.  We also provide private multi-sport coaching services for children and adults.

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If at any time you aren't completely happy with any of our programs or events, simply let us know and we'll make it right. After child safety, your satisfaction is our primary concern.

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Triathlon Family USA, Inc.  

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